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We are a locally owned and operated business based in Calgary, Alberta.
Our experience is rooted in values and craftsmanship passed on from three generations of building and fine woodworking. Our family has been implementing its design and build strategy for 45 years prior to immigrating to Calgary in 1990. We continue to strive to be the top renovator while never compromising on our workmanship and impeccable service. Our motto “measure twice, cut once” are standards we adhere to on every project irrelevant of the size. This has enabled us to keep our delivery promises and lessen our need for revisions and repairs. We hire professionals for every step of the project, from designers to drywallers, including a full-time professional engineer to review details and execution from the onset of any project.

Our designers understand the significance that our clients give to a home: a place where memories are built by bringing family and friends together. This is why we spend time at the beginning of every project to ensure our clients are getting a home that not only looks good in photos but is also tailored to your needs and lifestyle. We strive to execute your vision to our best potential and within your budget.

The owner of Design Reno Build has been leading professional teams and providing unwavering oversight of every project detail from beginning to end. No project is too complex, too big, or too small. The diverse skillset of our team (from engineers, architects, trades, and designers) gives us the confidence and ability to tackle any project.

Basement Developments And Secondary Suites

Developing your basement can add a whole new useable space to your home. It could be a place for your kids to call their own: where they can play, have their friends over, and make all the noise they want. It is also a great location for adult entertainment and home theatres. Or perhaps you’re looking to turn it into a secondary suite.

Here are some things to consider when developing a basement.

Here is a link outlining The City of Calgary’s regulations regarding secondary suites.


Planning your home addition can be overwhelming. With so many options and things to consider, having a professional team to help you through this process can make this undertaking more manageable. Be it a garage, a sunroom, a dormer, a mother-in-law suite, or even an outdoor kitchen we are here to help guide you through the process from beginning to end.


Energy Efficient Upgrades

Our team has a lot of experience in upgrading older homes to be more energy efficient. Not only will this reduce your energy bills and your environmental footprint, but it will also enhance your comfort by making your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Some upgrade options are: changing out existing windows for 3-pane windows, adding insulation to your attic, adding spray foam insulation to your walls, installing a tankless hot water system.


Complete Renovations

Entire home renovations can have many advantages. Besides enhancing the overall appearance, updating your home can increase comfort, functionality, provide better security, and offer a healthier, more efficient living environment, while also reducing your energy bills. In short, home renovations done right, can greatly improve your quality of life. Another benefit is increasing your home value. This is where our team can provide the most value for money you are going to spend on this endeavor. We understand how to balance the important aspects of renovations while making sure not to exceed your budget so as to regain the value of the money spent in case your house is to be sold.


Bathroom Renovations

Whether you’re looking for a full renovation or simply want to refresh a few elements, we’re dedicated to delivering the bathroom of your dreams. We aim to enhance your space by refining its flow, maximizing storage, and introducing more natural light. Even minor tweaks, such as updating your fixtures, tiles, or cabinet finishes, can bring about a significant transformation.

Bathrooms serve as personal retreats in many homes and should be customized to your preferences and requirements. Designing them, however, can be intricate given the many crucial aspects to consider, ensuring the space is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient. Trust in Design Reno Build to navigate you through these decisions with expertise.



Some people choose to build their garage from the ground up so that they can design it to their own needs. Our team can help customise your detached garage, giving you almost unlimited design capabilities – whether your goal is to increase storage space, fit a larger vehicle, add a mother-in-law suite above, or simply match the style to your current home – we’ve got you covered.

Our Top Services

Home renovations are exciting but can also be stressful! Our goal is to help you upgrade your home so that you are comfortable in it. One of the core strengths or our team is integrity. We are not here to up-sell you on renovations that you do not want or to convince you to spend beyond your budget. In fact, there are times when we advise clients to do fewer renovations than they had planned.